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When is the Best Time to Publish Wine Reviews?

For wine review bloggers it’s important to figure out the best time to publish your wine reviews.  And that means both the best day and the best time of day.

It took me awhile to figure this out.  But, after I had been publishing wine reviews for some time, I started noticing a pattern.

Also, it took time for traffic on Honest Wine Reviews to build up enough to see the pattern.

Actually, there were two patterns.

Through a combination of looking at my site’s analytics and applying common sense, here’s what I figured out…

Most people read wine reviews around dinner time and on the weekends.

In a moment I’ll share what I think people are doing behind the scenes during these times.

Now that’s not to say traffic goes silent during other times.  There’s still traffic but just not as much.

Best Time to Publish Wine Review

Wine Blog Traffic Data

To illustrate this, let’s start with some analytics from Honest Wine Reviews:

Best Time to Publish Wine Reviews

The picture above is a screen shot of the Google Analytics for a typical day’s traffic.

While it may be a little difficult to see, what this shows is that traffic starts to ramp up after the noon hour and then there’s a big jump in the mid to late afternoon.

That follows with a sustained peak during the evening hours and then a ramp down later at night.

I’ve seen this pattern over and over again for several years now.  Pretty much every day is the same.

The logical conclusion I draw from this is that people are most interested in wine reviews around dinner time.

Duh!  That’s when people drink wine.

OK, so that’s a typical day.  What about a bigger pattern of what days people read wine reviews?

Let’s take a look at our Google Analytics one more time:

Best Time to Publish Wine Reviews

The picture above is the three month timeframe from February through April of 2017.

Notice all those peaks?

Each peak is a Saturday with one exception in February, which is Valentine’s Day that fell on a Tuesday in 2017.

While the peak is on Saturdays, I found that Fridays are busy traffic days as well.

So, what do we draw from that?  People are most interested in wine reviews on the weekends.

Behind the Scenes

Remember when I said I’d share what I think is going on behind the scenes during these times?

Well here’s what I think is happening…

I think people are doing two different things that are causing them to visit wine blogs.

First, I think that people are out shopping for wine in stores during these times.  And, they’re trying to decide what wine to buy.

So, they see a wine in a store and they search for a review on their phone.  Or, they’ve read a particular wine review on a wine blog and are looking at that review (again on their phone) while they search for that wine.

Second, I think people are out at restaurants and are looking at a wine list.  From there, they search wine review blogs to see what people are saying about the wines on the wine list (and probably looking for the best value).

Leveraging the Data

So, as wine bloggers how can we leverage this data?  What is the best time to publish a wine review blog post?

In my opinion, the best time to post wine reviews is shortly before people are thinking about purchasing wine.  From the data above, traffic is highest around dinner time and on the weekends.

So, I usually try to post wine reviews on Thursdays around lunch time.  I figure people are starting to think about their weekend plans and wine blog readers are certainly interested in including wine as part of those plans!

My hope is that my wine blog will still be fresh in their minds when they go to make a purchase and they’ll come back to my blog for my review before they buy.

And, if they agree with my review after they drink the wine, then I will have provided value to my readers.  That will hopefully keep them coming back.

Additional Tips

Let’s face it, we’re all creatures of habit.  So, let’s not work against that.

As a blogger, I think you should make it a habit to publish posts on the same day of the week and at the same time of day, each time you publish post.

By doing that, people will get used to the schedule, much like how they get used to a particular TV show airing at the same day and time each week.

Also, make good use of email marketing and email people about each new blog post.  Again, I think that should happen just before people are in the frame of mind to buy wine.

The same holds true for posting updates on social media, promoting your latest post.


So, those are my thoughts on this topic.  I’d love to hear what others think?

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